Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Location Location Location

I am currently on the hunt for an apartment for my move into the real world in the beginning of May. While searching for apartments, I realize 1 thing: I am really poor. I currently live in a 5 bedroom house that is almost brand new and pretty large and I am paying $450 in rent in Athens. I am moving to Atlanta, cutting my space in half, and AT LEAST doubling my rent. Not fun.

Apartment.com is an amazing source for my hunt, however looking at a map of how much more poor you are going to get is tiring me out. So I turned to Instagram. Instagram pages for apartment complexes are very helpful and gives me a more realistic view of the apartments (rather than the professional pictures that are provided). They also feature events that take place at the apartments which is very helpful.

Social media can be very useful for property managers of apartment complexes. On Twitter, property managers can share information about events, reply to client questions, RT apartment related articles and follow interior design pages. Facebook is all about engaging followers by liking comments and responding to issues presented. It is easy to invite followers on Facebook. Instagram allows to take original photos and engage other people's photos and follow local businesses. More apartment complex managers need to be utilizing their social media to create a presence. They should also lower their prices so I can afford to put food in the brand new stainless steel refrigerator.

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