Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Commercial Aired in 2011 Still Gets Me

For starters, if you haven't seen the 2011 commercial for BBC One (you probably haven't), you have to watch it right this very second. Put some headphones in and prepare your feels because this one makes me feel tingly all over the place.

If the video did not give you at least a chill, please exit my blog page and consult a doctor immediately. I came across this commercial while scrolling through my Facebook feed in 2013. The main reason I scroll through my FB feed is to find cute videos of animals (doesn't everyone) so this seemed right up my alley. Out of the 4.3 million views, I have probably attributed at least a million between watching it over and over again and then forcing my friends to watch it.

The simplicity of David Attenborough's voice aligned with the subtle noises of nature could calm a hungry, sleep deprived baby. To be perfectly honest, I watch it to calm myself when I am hungry and sleep deprived. I think that this was phenomenal marketing for BBC who took advantage of social media to spread their campaign.

I was diagnosed with a panic disorder in 2012 and I utilize this video to calm me down pretty frequently. I actually started watching Planet Earth when I start to feel panicked because this video does such a great job of calming me down and realize that the world is so big. So after seeing this ad over 3 years ago, I watch and share this video very regularly. BBC achieved their marketing tactics with me.

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