Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"OMG How Is Trump President" Shock Syndrome (OMGHITPSS)

I am not interested in discussing politics because everyone has their own view and that is that. I am also not going to state my own political opinion. Between the multiple high quality candidates for presidency (Clinton, Trump, and Harambe), many become confused as to how a TV celebrity became the leader of our nation. There is a simple answer to this outcry of panic: social media.

Trump did not win presidency solely because of social media presence, but it was a defining factor in the election. Why did a notable amount of people get out of bed on election morning, drive to their polling location, and wait in line to vote in order to vote for a dead gorilla. Social media. Or because they thought that a dead gorilla could run the country better than the other two candidates, but probably because of Harambe's strong social media presence.

Here are some notable numbers via Forbes in the Trump Vs. Clinton in the social media realm:

  • Trump has over 10.7 million followers and has sent out over 32,000 tweets (25% more followers than Hillary and more than four times her number of tweets)
  • Google trends analysis shows that online interest on candidate Trump was three times higher than Clinton.
  • Clinton has received 5.4 million total page likes. Trump has received 10.2 million likes
It is clear that Trump holds a much stronger social media presence than Clinton. While traditionalists will be looking for where Clinton went wrong in missing tours or advertisements or debate answers, they might overlook social media. 

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